Sunday, July 3, 2011

from chicago to dc in a chevy aveo hatchback

so our road trip. my tiny car aka the roller skate got us to dc. barely. the 10% grade hills were a little much for it, but it pulled through. we managed to eat out only 3 times on our 10 day vacation which we were very proud of and one of the restaurant choices was cafe green in dc. it is an all vegan restaurant but very different from the chicago diner we are used to. their food is much more health conscious and less home goodness. our other restaurant choices if you're curious were a sorry excuse for a mexican restaurant in dc (it made me sad for the people of that neighborhood if that is what they call mexican food) and a vegan cheese and veggie pizza delivered from Duccini's to our hotel room (nothing special but impressive none the less that it was even a menu option).

To start we split the Caesar Deluxe. Your basic caesar salad using Gardein Chicken. A house made caesar dressing that tasted as though nori was used to give it the anchovy type flavor. It was good. Especially if you miss a delicious caesar salad from time to time and know you can't get that flavor without the tiny little animals that are anchovies.

Laurin opted for the Home Mac and Cheese Platter. It consisted of gluten free pasta with their "famous" cheese sauce, candied yams, sauteed kale and cornbread. aka fatty plate deluxe because we can make a salad at home, bitches. (Laurin's exact words)

I ordered the Seoul Food Platter. Which was jobche noodles, sauteed green beans, spicy kimchi, mung bean pancakes, brown rice, nori seaweed and a tamari dipping sauce. Because I'm fancy like that. It was good.

Cocktails. (see caesar salad above for pictures) They are necessary for any evening out while on vacation and Cafe Green did not disappoint.
Laurin ordered an organic, vegan, gluten free, awesome all around, fancy pants beer. It was a beer. She drank it. Two actually.
I got the most amazing drink ever. It seriously was the highlight of my meal. Apparently they take all their healthy, antioxidant rich, cleansing, whole, raw, refreshing juices and add booze. Right on.
I got the Spicy Green Organic Live Juice with a shot a vodka. It was delicious and healthy.
the spicy green juice consisted of kale, spinach, apple, banana, lemon juice with ginger and cayenne pepper

Overall, the experience at Cafe Green was enjoyable. It was vegan. The service was friendly and helpful. They had outdoor seating. They served booze. What more can you ask for?

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