Monday, November 14, 2011

Lazy Summer Meal

In the summer, there is nothing better than food cooked on a grill.  Yes, it's November.  It's fine.  The cold weather has pushed us inside and we need a task...hence posting blogs about food we made 5 months ago.  Think about sunshine and warm breezes and the smell of vegetables kissed by flames.
This meal was basically the result of craving grilled food but not really wanting to put forth a great deal of effort.

Grilled Green Beans:
1 lb. fresh green beans (ends removed) - get these from a farmer's market, your taste buds will appreciate the fresh, crisp flavor
wooden skewers (soak these in water to avoid any little fire incidents)
all you've got to do is heat the grill and put a little olive oil on the grates.
put the green beans on the skewers
grill until delicious
side dish = done.
as for our lazy main course, we went with tofu dogs.  super simple.  super tasty.  enough said.
i believe we rounded out our meal with some left over bean salad of sorts.

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